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Help and support for the transgender community

Vice President

Lynne Jones

Hi I'm Lynne Jones, I discovered I was Trans about the age of 12, I have an understanding family and a circle of very supportive Trans friends. Which is all Amazing !

I am very compassionate, caring and have a natural Mother Hen personality, Known as "Auntie Lynne" by some of my friends. 

I run a Trans support group known as The YardBirds in Coventry, to help Trans people who are just starting on their journey to gain confidence and so I can give them advice and help.

I joined the Beaumont Society in 2019 and have been thoroughly amazed at the positive support that is naturally given to each other. It's a family atmosphere and where ever one is along the Spectrum there is absolute respect and friendship shown all the time.

I have been lucky to lead a number of outings for members and the experience has been really positive, again what shines through is the sense of Community and mutual support.

It's an Awesome Society and I'm proud to be a Regional Organiser.