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Help and support for the transgender community

Eastern Region

Liz Saunders

Hi I am Liz Saunders Eastern Regional Rep for the Beaumont Society and these are a few words to tell you about myself and what I do. I am transgendered and became me as seen by others in my teens. I don’t like labels but a lot cannot function without them and so we have them. I believe in fairness, in not being judgemental of others, trying to hold a balanced view and trying to understand others viewpoints, which hopefully leads to tolerance.

Having always created visual images from a early age, I chose to pursue a career in the visual arts and have achieved this; and it is more than a interest it is a passion. Start me up and I will go on and on about it and related matters.

I have another passion and that is helping persons to understand about the trans world and its many complexities and issues, because the more that is understood, the more the fears will diminish, and hopefully ignorance will be replaced by confidence. And this is for those in the trans world and those outside of it.

And that why I joined the Beaumont to further these aims.