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Help and support for the transgender community

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Helen Elliot

Hello and welcome to my bit., I imagine if you are reading this and not a member you are possibly thinking something along the lines of what’s in it for me , well I will give you some ideas. So you want to wear clothes that are sold for women, so what?

I like many others spent ages trying to work this out for myself. Eventually I gave up on all the soul searching and got on with it. I now sometimes wear a dress, a blouse women’s trousers or whatever and a bit of make up when I want to. The world still caries on. I was not the first, I will not be the last and I am not on my own thanks to the society.

I had encountered some other organisations aimed at transvestites that were not for me. This society lets me be myself. One thing I learned that there are few rules; respect others, wear clothes suitable to the occasion. I had heard stories that you have to conform to certain minimum standards , that was all nonsense. I now do as I please. Personally I blur the lines between masculine and feminine and mix and match my wardrobe to suit. That is my style and it may not be yours If you had told me 6 years ago that I would be packing evening dresses , and a silk trouser suit for my holiday on QE2 I would not have believed you.

I do like going away on cruise ships for my holidays, dress up for the formal nights, and have found that people are generally accepting. I realise we are different but come along and see what you can achieve. I know I had been hiding a lot of myself away and now I can move on and do more with life.