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Help and support for the transgender community


Rachel Dee

Hi my name is Rachel and I have been a TV /CD /T Girl for as long as I can remember, at least from my early teens, (I’m now 70 ish). Like most of us I suppose I went through all the periods of self doubt and purging of clothes and shoes and all the other things we girls collect through life.

Eventually a sense of self acceptance sets in and at least in my case the enjoyment begins. Being married with children, I was dressing for only short periods of time, a matter of a few hours, very occasionally.

My wife knew about my little hobby she never really understood but tolerated it and when the children had left home I could indulge a lot more. It wasn’t until the last few years of her life that she actually met Rachel, as I had become her full time carer.

Now I try to live in female mode as much as I can, it wasn’t until I attended a girls weekend at Chesterfield, after being encouraged to go by some very good friends I had met in Manchester and actually appeared in public as a woman that I realised the level of contentment it gave me.

I now attend every girls weekend I can, I go out shopping, go to restaurants with friends both TV and real girls, who have been very supportive and encouraging of my efforts.

If I can help, support, and encourage any of the girls out there who are struggling to come to terms with their true selves I would only be too happy to help even a little bit. We all to express our inner true selves, even f it’s just dressing in the privacy of our own homes or making that first move to go out a socialise as a woman. If you feel the need help or just want to chat please contact me at the e-mail address below.