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Help and support for the transgender community

Editor, Beaumont Magazine

Eleanor Roberts

I’ve been a member of the Beaumont society for fifteen years, became Southern RO in early 2013 and a trustee of the society in November 2016. For eight years, until September 2015, I edited the fashion section of the quarterly Beaumont Magazine, taking over as full editor in 2016. I gratefully handed over my role as Southern RO to Andrea mid-2021.

The magazine forms part of the lifeblood of the Beaumont Society. I’ve tried to forge a unique identity for it, trying to combine a mixture of serious gender-based articles with short stories, light-hearted commentary, news and photospreads. I do rely on submissions from members for much of the content for each issue and encourage people to try their hand at writing short items of fiction and even poetry.

All members have access to the forty-eight-page quarterly magazine. Postal members receive a high-quality printed version mailed to them. Digital members logon to the website and download a pdf copy. Unless there are strong reasons for digital membership, I would urge prospective members to go for the postal alternative. All the content is suitable for partners and family members to see and read, and the pdf version is still available.

My trustee role has proved to be very interesting. The Beaumont Society is a registered charity, and the trustees oversee its charitable obligations. We’ve recently introduced a set of support grants for UK-based trans and LGBTQ+ support groups that might be struggling financially or wish to acquire funds for a special project. I’m the current Grants Officer so have had a lead role in formulating the grants and will be the person receiving grant applications.

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