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Help and support for the transgender community

South Wales Region

Rona Rees

I live in south Wales and speak Welsh and English. I am 63 tears of age, retired and currently on the referral list of Charing Cross Hospital for Gender Reassignment Surgery.

My story started during my childhood when there was very little information available on gender issues, so for me there was only the feeling of being different, but I did not have a name for my difference. I first left home for University in 1969, I was still confused about my gender, but I just put my head down and got on with the job in hand. In those days there was no internet but I came across a discussion programme on the television regarding gender issues. It involved Esther Rantzen and the then President of the Beaumont Society, Janett Scott. At last I had somewhere and someone to get in touch with, as the telephone number of the Beaumont Society was listed in the credits at the end of the programme. However, it took me three months to pluck up the courage to make that call and another twenty years to commence my transition, but I have never looked back.

I have ʻcome outʼ in my local community and I have also appeared on welsh television ʻen femmeʼ so I can represent transgender people freely and being retired, time is not an issue. If you would like to watch the television programme, it is still available on the web (in Welsh, but subtitled) at

You can also see me on the Skype chat room Transgenderzone which is held on the first Monday of the month at 9.30pm. To reach me, call or text my mobile number 07774990873 or email at

I look forward to hearing from you.