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Help and support for the transgender community

South West Region

Paula Taylor

Hi everybody, Just a quick note as your South West Regional Organiser. My name is Paula Taylor B5561 and have been living in the city of Exeter, Devon since 2003.

I have been actively involved with running or assisting in running meetings for all-comers in Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire and here in Devon, I have been involved as a recipient of helpline calls for many years. For my sins, I am also the trans and intersex lead for Devon, on the Intercom Trust Group.

Some may even remember me at various London events, Janett’s meetings or even weekends in the Rozel Weston-super-mare, Rotherham, Blackpool, Colwyn bay, Grandtully, or even Paris. I am also a regular visitor to the Channel Islands and France, I have had no problems travelling although you have to be brave at airport check-ins they are not always very sensitive to our plight! In these hard times it is particularly difficult to find sufficient funding to run meetings at village halls and similar locations.

I would strongly encourage you to make an effort to support your local group(s), before it is too late! A majority will encourage significant others to come along too! Your issues with not being seen locally are fully understood, your security is important, and even if you turn up in your normal day wear, you will be welcomed on taking that step, without any labels being attached.