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Help and support for the transgender community



Hi, I am Michelle, a committed crossdresser from Glorious Devon. I’ve been dressing for more years than I care to remember but Michelle was only “born” in 2008. Before that my dressing up had been confined to the closet. Like so many others here I spent many years with my guilty secret thinking it was “just me”. The arrival of the internet opened my eyes to the world that the Beaumont Society supports and I began to explore. I was very naive in those days – on the StockingsHQ website forums was one entitled “CD/TV Issues” – what, I puzzled, had compact discs and television got to do with stockings?!

Fortunately, I’ve come a long way since then and I am happy to be able to use my professional qualification to support the Beaumont Society, its members and the trans community. My wife still finds it difficult to accept Michelle as a frequent presence around the house but we get along together as long as I don’t use all her long-hanging in the wardrobe for Michelle’s dresses! As Michelle I try to dress to blend in although, at 6’3”, I am always likely to stand out in a crowd. I’ve been a regular at Exeter’s Southwest Girls group since 2008 and I am happy to be out and about as Michelle and always get a positive reaction in the shops in the South-west.

I haven’t managed to get to many girls’ weekends – they seem to clash with my choirs or with holidays – but I’m hoping to get to more now I’ve taken on the role of treasurer. Sadly, Michelle doesn’t get to go on holiday – too much extra stuff – but she has turned up at choir several times and I have the perfect black outfit if she is ever brave enough to perform in a concert.

I love Michelle time and the chance to experiment with the colours that are so absent from menswear clothes racks and find that it leaves me feeling inwardly relaxed. I hope that by being involved with BS I can help others to feel safe being who they want to be and help to achieve wider acceptance of us in society.